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Oorlog Rusland tegen Ukraine, Europa

When will they ever learn ???  Eve of destruction

Een volk dat voor tirannen zwicht, zal meer dan lijf en goed verliezen, dan dooft het licht. (van Randwijk 1909-1966)
A nation that yields to tyrants, loses more than life and property, then the light goes out.(van Randwijk)

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When Russians came for (Moldova)Chechnya, i didn't speak out, I'm not Chechen !
When Russians came for Georgia, I didn't speak out, I'm not Georgian !
When Russians came for Ukraine, I didn't speak out, I'm not Ukrainian ?
When Russians came for my country,
there was no one left, to speak out for me !!!!!!!!!

Budapest Memorandum, US, UK & rusland?
Frau Ribbentrop-Merkel(=Chamberlain), whats next, Ribbentrop-Molotov again??

Schaffen wir das? Frau Ribbentrop-Merkel?

the famous words of one of America?s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, in 1776:
?We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.?

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MH 17 Final Reports -Dutch safety Board
MH 17 nieuws / news



Rusland or USSR?
The soviet story 2008
Moscow Maidan

Nature Sunshine Health products available in Ukraine!
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Video of Boris nemtsov, murdered by Putin.

Comparison funerals Ukraine HEROES and RF/russian zeroes aka RF soldiers/socalled separatists.

EN: Russia war in Ukraine
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  Krant van nederland

50+ Ukraine & elsewhere TV LIVE broadcasts !!!

Second source LV tive

  Interactive map Ukraine/warzone   Detector media  intellinews.com  Euromaidanpress  ENInterfaxUA  RFerl   Interpreter  ENCensorUA   Informnapalm  khpg    Kyivpost    Unian  stopfake  day.kiev  ukrinform  uacrisis  hromadske  voxukraine   Maidantransl  uawire.org   bunews.com.ua 
Kharkiv Times  ForeignPolicy  EU observer  Fin news  Baltic Times  Moscow Times  Siberian Times  politico.eu   meduza.io  
Ukraine Today TV EN   UT latest news & YT   UKR govt media   More UKR TV   Aljazeera-Ukraine   Ukrstream
FR incl.transl. breizatao  
UA incl. transl. svoboda   newsonline24 glavpost   favno.ua   joininfo.UA   5.UA
RU incl. transl.  rusmonitor  rosbalt.ru   rbc.ru  tvrain.ru   politolog    RETRANS   .novayagazeta.ru   ehorussia   refabula   lystok   hvlya.net   inforesist.org   gordonua   resistance.today
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reddit Oekraine
 Volkskrant  Telegraaf Elsevier RTL Nieuws  NRC 

Kremlinmedia sources 2nd bloc)
Liveleak  en uiteraard GeenStijl, Powned (we linken niet meer naar ze/TMG) en Burgercomite.EU, Forum voor "Democratie", GEENPEIL
Boycot barcode 46= Russia 729=Israel
NO VETOPOWERS for agressors USA-Russia-China (and UK and France) in United Nations "Security ?" Council !!!!
The 5 permanent warmongers since 1900 with vetorights in UNSC, USA, russia,China, UK and France don't want to bring the world to PEACE, but to PIECES ! #removevetorightsunsc NOW! It's HYPOCRITICAL!

Verified ways to help the Ukrainian Army

Please consider assisting a Ukrainian soldier as they fight to maintain their sovereignty and protect Europe from ruSSia once again.
Comparable to America's 'Wounded Warriors' program, your American dollar has much more impact in Ukraine's current economy to greatly assist those that often do not receive any support from their government.

or mail to ukrainewaramps@gmail.com

Visit UWA e-store groups/UkraineWarAmps

All % on sales on UKRAINE articles will be donated
to volunteer charities in Ukraine !

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