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Auteur Topic: What can you do against Terrorism? Both violent & financial (fraud-corruption)  (Read 22211 times)

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Wat te doen tegen terrorisme? What can you do against Terrorism?
Wat te doen tegen terrorisme? Gewelddadig of financieel (corruptie - fraude)

Update June 4,2017

North western Europe has a christinanity history since first century CE, so more then 2000 years.
Islam came in early 1960's, so only has a history of not even 60 years, but claims a place similar to that of judaism and christinanity.

That cause most north western europe may have seperation of church and state, they DON'T have seperation of religion and state !

Islamization and for a part fundamentalist terrorists (muslim/altright/christian) attacks ONLY can be prevented
by implementing separation of religion and state ALSO besides separation of church and state.

1. No political parties on religion base
2. No state schools on religion base, means discrimination and better integration, everyone receives the same education, whatever religion, gender. Religion based education have to be paid by the religion's community, and can only be in addition to state education, not in place off.
Education in state schools on religion can be done by teacher with help of pastor,vicar,everend,rabbi,iman..etc.
3. No religious symbols in public space(s) or public jobs.

This will remove all religion based symbols, acts incl. madrassas (muslim schools), public paid broadcasts, sharia-courts, religious headscarfs-niqab-burqa,halal food for non-muslims  (schools,prisons), ritual slaughter (excl. imported meat) and even building of "homesick" mosques which stand apart from normal buildings around which as said are based on more then 2000 years of history, not just 50 years.
And make female-genital molestation and honorkillings criminal acts.

This won't discriminate muslims or other religious believers , but makes them more equal to people having a history with the country, instead of what happens with all patriarchial religions, feeling superior to others (religion),
or more extreme (netherlands) some ask to change christian holidays in muslim ones, or even wanting the 95% changing their behavior and adapting that of the 5% minority, which is ridiculous.

Islam(ization) in EU(rope north western) mainly comes from immigration from "refugees" and is now at 5%, will reach 10% by 2030.
This made possible by reckless politicians and the ruthless heavy subsidized NGO's of the asylumrefugee industry,
which thrives on the migranttsunami, caused by the migrationweapon of Syria,Russia,sunni IS (saudi) and Turkey.
Some even communicate with the smugglers who send people in wacky boats of the Mediteran Sea!!
They are just criminals too, and should be prosecuted.

I agree with the East-European countries who refuse to take a refugee-quota, it's ridiculous.
Those migrants are a burden for a countries social services, are mostly low-educated, and end up in welfare.
And are very demanding on the authorities, that they don't get enough money, housing and whatever.
These are NOT refugees but illegal immigrants.

And let us be honest, in North Western Europe, population inprisons changed since 1960's to now a majority
of criminals with a muslim background, even if the are born in the country and are 2nd or 3rd generation, for petty criminal acts, vandalism, sexual harrasment, drugs,robbery and violence related,
so much so in a lot of prisons (netherlands) inmates can't even order non-halal foods.

They say its cheaper, but it has to do with the inmates religion and background, having a extra pasport of a country, even if born there, doesn't make you integrated in that country, it's the culture (part of that is religion) at home,school,church and social life you are in. A sure sign is if among friends and in social life, you speak/write the language of the country you are in, and have a extra pasport for, OR you speak then the language belonging to your (families) background.
It's named multi-culturalism for a reason, it means segragation not integrated. Btw you're skincolor doesn't matter
in this.

Btw asylumseekers/refugees-illegal immigrants by percentage are even MORE responsible for criminality then non-western people with extra pasport in a country, for theft, vandalism, sexual crimes (denmark-sweden)

and ofc more anti-terrorism measures in constitution

in dutch and 113 other languages



 No, there are also alt-right terrorists but still how to prevent any?

What are the problems ? And solutions?



1. Political correctness

 Not realy, Hezbollah & the Al-Houthi front are 'regional Separatist/ Nationalist groups' that just happen to be dominated by Shias. Not counting in this
the Assad Allawite (shia sect) terrorist regime.

Btw all fundamentalists,  muslim or christian are dangerous!

Muslim majority is not victim, although in most european countries they make most  of prison population, also see Swedens ban on asylumseekers violent sexual behavior. Uk tries to keep track of over 3000 terrorist suspects, France 50.000, need 30 people for just one suspect 24/7 surveillance,
INSTEAD of preventing them to do or plan anything !!

Many mainstream Muslim organizations have gone so far as to say the Islamic State is, in fact, un-Islamic. It is, of course, reassuring to know that the vast majority of Muslims have zero interest in replacing Hollywood movies with public executions as evening entertainment. But Muslims who call the Islamic State un-Islamic are typically, as the Princeton scholar Bernard Haykel, the leading expert on the group’s theology, told me, “embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion” that neglects “what their religion has historically and legally required.” Many denials of the Islamic State’s religious nature, he said, are rooted in an “interfaith-Christian-nonsense tradition.”



Because the SUNNI Islamic danger (Saudi Wahhabism-Salafism) is BIG! Strange that they are friends of USA!


What Daesh-ISIS Really Wants, to kill roughly 200 million Shia & all infedels in the world and the reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic!


bill warner- a taste of islam

A Muslim refugee, Mudar Zahran, warns that mass immigration is "a sweet Islamic conquest of the West"

2.Migrationweapon of IS, Russia and Sunni countries= REFUGEE TSUNAMI


80% of refugeetsunami after russias intervention in Syria is MALES of the fighting age 20-35.
Why should Americans, French fighting IS in Syria, Iraq here while hundreds of thousands of Syrian men in fighting age 20-35 come to Europe and complain about shelterconditions?
And possibly among them are as we know now IS fighters.

In WWII the people who fled from EU to UK did not lay on the beach but volunteered to fight the NAZI's.
Women and children and elderly people can be regarded as refugees, men of fighting age NOT, they should be sent back, that saves 80% of the tsunami and also prevent male IS-fighters coming to Europe.

SO MALE refugees of fighting age? Refuse them as refugee and send them back, reduces refugeetsunami and risk of terrorist attacks, most are male.

btw Ukraine in 2014 restricted free access to male Russians  between 15-60 the fighting age...for same reason. Visa regime for RF russians coming.


How to solve it ?

1.the peacefull majority is and were  always irrelevant, political correctness should be put where it belongs, in the trash !

2. Stop migrantion from Middle East, and change asylumprocedure to paper one from (neighbour) country, remove NGO's golden profits

Given the massive immigration across the Mediterranean Sea, the countries on other side of the EU ask EU to do their coastguard border control so that smugglers
do not have any chance for their lucrative trade. Countries who do not want to do this, now deny any (financial) help and stop at sea all boats and return them.

Replace the entire asylum industry with a paper procedure in (neighbor) country asylum seeker at embassy / consulate, in addition to the legal immigrant procedure. Do not cost asylum seekers or country almost nothing. No human trafficking ,exploitation, violence against children and women and no risk of drowning.
NGO's were not praising this plan of me from 2004, I wonder why? Revenue loss? Right wing, refugees-foreigners-asylumseekers were amazed with this.

As research, for Netherlands Lakeman and jan vd Berg showed, every asylumseeker is a mere COSTS, not a enrichment for a country.

3. Warn and try to prevent wannebe terrorists !


Simple solution to terrorist wannebe's  to put in constitution as France wanted after first attack, so you do not even need a judge.

The terrorists lower life figures, mostly petty criminals,  want their name to be widely measured in the press, and called as jihad warriors, so they become so immortal and enjoy the "honor" in their family and muslim community.

Any (wannebe) terrorist, Muslim or otherwise, will know that the repurcusions are: whole family until very last one, if applicable, will loose eu country citizenship and deported to country of origin, entire family property will be confiscated.

 Especially under Arabs, "honor" feeling is great, so in honorkillings, a young cousin is usually appointed and then receives respect from family. But this way, respect for martyrdom is eliminated and is then responsible for total loss of whole family fortune and citizenship. Always fight with the same weapons, then wannbe's are held back by family.
So there will be social control of own family, which makes it easier for security services, they get faster and earlier information and need less to follow suspects, that does family, because is in their (financial) interest.

You can also expand to eg possession of heavy attack weapons (+ jihadist lecture) and explosive devices and as said honorkillings which has nothing to do with honor but with religious patriarchal idiotry.
Terrorists wannebe's going abroad for training or fighting, should have pasports made invalid, and ban on reentry EU should be applied.

a.Going abroad as jihad fighters, take away their extra nationalities and banning return to EU.

b. If attacker survives jail forever without the right to early release.

c. No names in media just initials and  nationality of origin(parents), they are not named and honored.

d.If these attackers are killed and / or commit suicide, consider their remains as inhumane, thus not a standard funeral-honorary place, but standard state-of-the-art cremation  without ceremony and scatter remains on site crime so that everyone can step on it with their shoes , And eventually end up with rain in the gutter where they belonged.

Part of this can also be used in constitution to prevent FINANCIAL TERRORISM! aka Fraude, and Corruption.

a. By constitution (no trial required), a person who has been committed fraud / corruption remove extra nationalities and civil rights and jobs for life.
b.In addition, all their (future) pensions and the like)) assets and if they try to lock away at family, also same applies to those ,  and lock up untill they cooperate.
c.And blacklist such people for government appointments, not just jobs, but also commissions and the like, and put in public database.
d. They are named with full name in media, to name and shame.

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