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Het raadsel van de DOOR KNMI verdwenen hittegolven, staat de M voor MANIPULATIE?

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dit voor lezers van marie-claire, blad voor de goedmensen, jan/feb nummer blz. 65 ,het (mis)propaganda stuk samenwerken | waar geen zak van klopt, en dna zeg ik het nog netjes Today on euronews ! TOLD YOU SO! No, is not climate change, but weather change since 1960 cause airliners use jetstream since 1952, halving ozonelayer also and destroying phytoplankton source of O2
In 2008, Yahoo! Movies listed The Day After Tomorrow as one of its top-10 scientifically inaccurate films
In 2008, Yahoo! Movies listed The Day After Tomorrow as one of its top-10 scientifically inaccurate films Gisteren op Euronews !
IK roep t al jaren!
Nee, is geen climate change, naar  WEERSVERANDERING sinds 1960 omdat in Jetstream (straalstroom) gevlogen wordt sinds 1952, en ozonlaag gehalveerd hebben



SIGRID KAAG, de klimaat -wappie, duurzaam praten maar vooral niet doen net als Al Gore,
now thats a  inconvenient truth !!
voor wie volgens Wilders de Kaagbaan op Schiphol is vernoemd vanwege haar vele vliegkilometers ROFL OL
?U bent in het afgelopen jaar 4,5 keer de wereld over gevlogen. Het zou me niet verbazen als Schiphol de Kaagbaan naar u vernoemd heeft.?
180.000 km?

onze (achter(klein)kinderen zijn al opgezadeld met een rekening van 200 miljard voor t kernafval, nog afgezien bouw 12-15 en afbraak dodewaard/borsele na 2033, afnemers kregen vanaf 1969 750 miljoen gulden subsidie per jaar om 't betaalbaar te houden..dus wind op zee is beter, op land vangen windmolens meer subsidie dan wind, echte windhandel dus, dus laat overheid (geen buitenlands bedrijf) maar haaks zeedijkproject met windmolens bouwen

What the Hell happened in 1955?
Well , I was born in September and Albert Einstein died in April that year.
Decide for yourself what was more important.ROFL OL

Does UV from by airliners halved ozonelayer kill phythoplankton thus rising CO2 levels/temperature, and slight declining O2 levels??????
The atmospheric level of carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the 1960?s.

and O2 levels?
Oxygen levels are decreasing globally also.

and like Einstein said: ?We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking(people) we used when we created them.?  siberie is geen noordpool

ook alaska is geen noordpool

SIGRID KAAG, de klimaat -wappie
voor wie volgens Wilders de Kaagbaan op Schiphol is vernoemd vanwege haar vele vliegkilometers ROFL OL

4) Dooi van permafrost geeft landverzakkingen in Noordpool  ?

2. Het is geen continent
......Dat komt doordat het ijs van de Noordpool op de oceaan drijft. Het heeft geen land,,,,,
What the Hell happened in 1955?
Oxygen levels are decreasing globally

 The atmospheric level of carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the 1960's. 1758-2020
 dystopische klimaatwappies

We kunnen een probleem niet oplossen met de mensen  die het hebben veroorzaakt. (einstein)

Origineel: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
We kunnen onze problemen niet oplossen met dezelfde manier van denken die we gebruikten toen we ze cre?erden.,57.59,540

as worrysome it may be, they forgot to connect the dots.  Jetstream steers Gulfstream, and weather not climate changed since airliners started flying in jetstream since 1952. Result ozonlayer halved which caused UV sensitive phytoplanton to take in less Co2, and also produce less O2... I wrote ramsdorf, all dutch politicians and also Greta Thurnberg my paper connecting the dot... Co2 is not the cause, it's the RESULT of  airliners flying in jetstream which is the cause, and not the common people are too blame but the multinationals, the rich and happy few and ofc the GREEN maffia who does that the most.

I don't deny there was climate change since 1850, the socalled Little Ice Age,  Around the beginning of the era there was the worldwide Roman warm period 21-150 CE, and in Middle Ages the worldwide warm period 900-1300 CE and they were warmer than now, from 1430 to 1850 there was the Little Ice Age, so it makes sense that the temperature will rise a bit.

But consensus between scientists, don't make me laugh, it's their rightfull business to question and (dis)prove others theories and research. Thats called peer-reviewed.

I don't deny that CO2 levels are rising since about 1960 esp. but that has nothing to do with
"climate change" or common people daily life and work, f.i. farmers.

When seeing the climate change debate pro-contra I tried to figure it out myself who's right in this.
And I can only say neither one of them. They forgot to connect the dots.
Earth is a living organism.

After a first article in local media, I checked research with measurments (not models) and seem all scientists  just focused on CO2 and forgot O2 in that context.
Like a plant in your house needs CO2 to grow, and gives O2 in return, same applies to phytoplankton which does that at large scale, half of Earth  O2 they make AND thats declining. The cause is that they are harmed by too much UV, and we know that since 1960
the ozonelayer is halved. Which lays near Jetstream (which controls Gulfstream btw)
and which is used since 18 November by airliners  too save untaxed fuel...

more explaining on


Co2 gestegen vooral sinds 1960, komt door vliegtuigen sinds 1952 in jetstream, ozonlaag is inmiddels sinds 1960 gehalveerd, jetstream  stuurt golfstroom aan die sinds 1960 volgens echte geleerden weerchaos heeft veroorzaakt. Teveel UV sinds 1960 tast plantaardig plankton aan, die net als gewone plant CO2 opneemt en O2 afstaat, en JA O2 zuurstof is aan t afnemen zoals CO2 toeneemt sinds 1960...
Cold periods correlate with civilization collapse ? Video
November 21, 2019   
I highly recommend that you watch this video by Peter Temple, who warns ?just when we need more energy and warmth, we have politicians trying to tax it out of existence.?
It?s a cycle, it?s a cycle, it?s a cycle!
?The sun and the planets are the main driver of climate change on our tiny little planet,? says Temple, who pretty much says what I?ve been saying all along.
The difference is that he doesn?t take into account our rapidly declining magnetic field strength, which I think will make things even worse.
LITTLE_ICE_AGE_was_global_and_may_be_back_says_ne w_research_China_NZ_Pacific_Islands_Tasmania_demo lishes_Manns_HOCKEY_STICK_CHART_Natural_factors_a re_substantially_more_powerful_in_climate_variati on_than_human_activity
Dr. Nicola Scafetta offers invaluable insight into the way climate change is studied within the framework of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory, and explains how the actual data tells us a very different story. He details the ways in which the sun contributes to both warming and cooling climate cycles, and makes it clear that it has always been this way. Furthermore, he explains why computer modeling doesn't work, and why climate modeling predictions are so far off the mark. This interview will leave you with an understanding of the complexity involved in measuring climate, the problems inherent in computer modeling, and the role of the sun in climate.
A periodic solar event called a "grand minimum" could overtake the sun perhaps as soon as 2020 and lasting through 2070, resulting in diminished magnetism, infrequent sunspot production and less ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth ? all bringing a cooler period to the planet that may span 50 years.


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